After high school graduation you are likely to consider the next step in your educational journey. Should you enroll in a 2-year course and enter the work force early? Or should you head straight to a four-year college or university? One option that you may consider is attending a trade school. Trade school or vocational school, as some may call it, is a popular choice for students who want a fast track into a well-paying skilled career. It is also for those who don’t have enough resources to pay for college, as trade schools are typically more affordable. Those who enjoy woodworking, building different things, fixing problems and working with machinery are the best candidates. If you are one of those we mentioned, then trade school is the right path for you. Trade schools will equip you with the skills necessary to become successful and help you get some of the most fulfilling job opportunities out there today. Careers that you can get after enrolling in trade schools include plumbing, carpentry, electrician, welding and HVAC (or air-conditioning and refrigeration). Surveys show that more and more women are also attending trade schools and want to pursue a career in this manly world. Why not? The women of today are empowered and the modern world of today gives everybody a fair chance at any opportunity.

Massage and Wellness

With fatigue, stress, and toxins overpowering a lot of people today, Massage and Wellness careers are becoming more and more popular. Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and Reflexology are just some of the popular massage and wellness careers. Some people say that their masseuse has magical fingers, however it is not magic…this is knowledge. Students that are trained as massage therapist generate successful careers in the field because massage and wellness involves much more than giving a simple backrub. Enrolling in a massage school will give you the knowledge you need to become successful in the industry. To reach the professional level, massage therapists go through intense courses to be certified. To start your journey in this field, you must first choose the right school that fits your goals you have set for your career. The ambience of the school also matters as studying massage and wellness requires peace. Most importantly you need to consider the school’s accreditation, awards as well as the staff that will guide you in your career. The staff should be well trained with years of experience, both in the field and in the classroom. Also be sure that the school is well respected and that they have positive feedback from former students as well as recognition from various award bodies. Lastly, be sure that they provide hands-on training and practice since lessons themselves are not enough.

Health Care and Medical

Choosing a career in health care to help those who are not well is extremely rewarding. Taking the health care and medical route is such a noble thing to do. It requires a lot of time and effort but the rewards are endless. This field has some of the highest paying careers in today’s workforce. You will play an integral part in assisting your patients to become healthy and fit. We highly encourage those who are thinking of enrolling in a Medical College and believe that one should pursue their career today. Whether you choose from various areas such as pediatrics or gynecology, you should be ready to invest a lot of time and effort to secure the career of your choice. You must complete 4 years of undergraduate training first from courses such as microbiology, pharmacology and physiology. Then you’ll need another 4 years of medical school. Then 3 to 7 years of on-the-job training or getting the role of an intern or a resident doctor. In addition, you will also need to pass the US Medical Licensing Exam, which is usually taken during your internship. For those who find becoming a doctor isn’t the right focus, there are other options in the health care and medical field. One option you can choose is Pharmacy. Pharmacists are responsible for filling prescriptions, explaining to patients how to take their medication and provide advice on the dosage and any side effects. Other programs you may choose are medical technicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, occupational therapists and more. Here are the four top courses and programs in health care and medical colleges. You should consider these top programs in your choices.

Education and Liberal Arts

Career opportunities for Education and Liberal Arts graduates have increased in recent years and students are choosing these popular courses today. Some of the top programs in this career field include: Education – Teaching is one of the noblest professions of all time. Be a part of this growing field and get a degree in education. You may choose to major in any subject you want. General Studies – In general studies, you won’t learn the skills you’ll need to do a specific career. Instead, you’ll learn how to think critically, communicate effectively, and pull together knowledge that you may use in almost any career. It covers political science, social science, humanities and more. Liberal Arts – Is the study of subjects or skills that are essential for a free minded person to know in order to have a successful civil life. It covers the topics of philosophy, history, psychology, social science, communication and more. Theology / Religion – Theology is the field of study and analysis that teaches the word of God and of God's attributes and relations to the universe.


There is a saying… The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Surely this is true and may be the inspiration for many who enroll in the field of Culinary Arts. However, for an industry in which entry-level jobs are notoriously low paying, culinary colleges can help to separate the serious chefs from short order cook. Culinary Arts has become aa demand career in today’s workforce.. There are many reality shows that support this career area such as Top Chef, Master Chef and more. Large food manufacturers are constantly looking for culinary artists who can create ready-to-eat, delicious meals and ways to make their products have that homemade taste. It’s time you find a culinary arts college or university that would teach you how to create unique recipes and food using traditional and innovative ingredients. There are many culinary arts colleges and universities in the United States that offer programs that combine theories and classroom lectures to a solid dose of hands-on work in a well-equipped kitchen. Some of these colleges also have their own full-service restaurants that are open to the public and are run by on-the-job students as well as professors. All of this helps to prepare their students for real life scenarios in the food and restaurant industry. Find the right culinary college for you by using this website. We will be listing the top culinary schools right here for you to choose from.

Criminal Justice and legal

The Criminal Justice and Legal fields are broad fields that include careers as a police officer, homeland security officer, paralegal, criminal law, corrections, investigative studies and more. Having a degree in this field is one of the most exciting and important fields in today’s age. You would be paid while protecting your community, fighting crimes, helping in the war against drugs and working to create a better society. The criminal justice and legal fields are growing in size every day. If this field interests you, then it’s time to enroll in a criminal justice and legal college and start your journey. This career comes with great power and responsibility. If you are considering a career in the criminal justice or legal field, you may want to look deep inside and ask yourself, are you really ready for this? You will realize that this honorable career comes with a lot of challenges and risks. One thing’s for sure, criminal justice or law degrees are not easy, but they are one of the most rewarding careers out there. Now, if you are determined to enter this field, then the next step is to choose the college that you will be enrolling in. There are many prestigious schools out there that are offering criminal justice and law courses and degrees. Many colleges offer undergraduate programs such as BA in Criminal Justice and Law, BA in Law and Society, BA in Criminology, BA in Politics and more. They also offer graduate programs such as MS in Criminal Justice, Law and Criminology, MS in Terrorism and Homeland Security, PhD in Law and more. You have plenty of options to consider including these top two areas of study, which are:

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